Tax Notebook

As an alternative to providing your tax information via the traditional paper organizer, we are proud to offer Tax Notebook, the quick-and-easy way to get started on your taxes!

Tax Notebook allows you to submit your tax data through the convenience of the Internet. The way it works is simple:

*  Using any PC with an Internet connection, you access Tax Notebook directly off our web site with a unique Logon ID and Password that we provide.

*  You are guided through a personal tax interview that is much more intuitive than the traditional paper organizer.

*  When finished, simply click a button to send us your tax information via a secure link. You can also print a copy of your tax data for your records.

That’s all there is to it!

Tax Notebook speeds the preparation of your tax return and ensures it’s accurate. Rest assured, you can ALWAYS count on the secure transfer of your data over the Internet.

So save time this tax season and consider Tax Notebook to assist you in your tax preparation needs.

NOTE:  You must temporarily disable your “pop-up blocker” prior to utilizing the tax notebook. Otherwise, the notebook will appear to be malfunctioning especially while inputting your travel / workday calendar information. If you do not know how to disable your pop-up blocker contact your technical support group.

NOTE:  The Tax Notebook does NOT work in Google Chrome nor in Mozilla Firefox.  This program is made for Microsoft Internet Explorer and also works well in Safari.