Thank you for your business.  If you received an invoice and wish to make payment our preferred payment options in the order of preference are as follows:

(1) your check made payable to GEMMS (this is the best payment option for us – all other payment options are costly).  You can make your check payable to GEMMS and simply snail mail your check to:

1260 Olympic Drive
Oxford, GA 30054

(2) bank to bank transfers are also a great option. There is No charge to you for sending the payments and we are charged a very small fee. If this option works for you, grab your checkbook and give us a call. We will directly input the transaction for you quickly and efficiently.

(3) if neither of the options above will work for you, we do accept payment via Credit Card or PayPal, however due to increasing charges from the credit card company we prefer the payment options noted above. PLEASE consider this as a last option. Click on image to use PayPal.

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, with this tool or any other tools please do not hesitate to contact us at