International Missionary (Expatriate or Assignee)

GEMMS understands the challenges Missionaries and other Non-Profit Organizations face. As such, we place high importance on Community help and outreach. Since GEMMS’ specialty involves individual international taxation, Missionaries and other Non-Profit Assignees can certainly benefit from our services. GEMMS has provided tax preparation and consulting services to Missionaries as well as other Non-Profit Organizations such as CARE and Habitat for Humanity.

U.S. Missionaries and Non-Profit Assignees often earn much less than the Foreign Earned Income and Housing Exclusions of $91K+. Therefore, Missionaries often do not think they have to file their US Tax Returns. However, this is not the case. The fact is, US citizens and residents that earn more than their standard deduction and personal exemptions are required to file a US tax return. Although filing of the return will often result in NO tax liability, there is still a requirement of filing the return to prove to the US Internal Revenue Service there is no tax liability. Untimely filing of federal tax returns could result in losing the Foreign Earned Income and Housing Exclusion and other deductions.

This is where GEMMS steps in. We would like to assist you with these filing requirements. Therefore, we offer very special rates to all Missionaries and Non-Profit organizations. Please ask about these discounted rates.

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