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Expatriate and Inpatriate International Tax / Compliance Solutions

Are you going on an international assignment and are unsure if your accountant is experienced enough to maximize the benefits available to you on your tax return?

Has your international assignment come to an end and has your employer cut off all tax preparation services?

Have your income tax returns been prepared by a large public accounting firm during your assignment and now they will continue to prepare your returns for an EXCESSIVE fee?

Are you concerned that a small accounting firm may not have the experience to recognize the intricacies and nuances of an international tax return?

Do you require some assurance you are receiving the right type of service at a fair rate?

Chuck Heyde leads our tax group and has approximately 10 years of “Big 4? experience preparing and consulting on expatriate and inpatriate tax returns. Additionally, since our rates are comparable to most local tax firms, you can take comfort in employing our international expertise at reasonable rates.

For a more detailed description of what these services entail, please contact Chuck Heyde at