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International Corporate Tax Solutions

The IRS has made the US taxation of international transactions a top priority. In recent years, they have increased the number of agents assigned to international tax. On top of that, there is a web of penalties that are assessed, merely for not filing the required forms. These substantial penalties are assessed, even if no income tax is otherwise due.

Whether you are a US company doing business outside the US (Outbound Investment) or a foreign investor with operations in the US (Inbound Investment), we can help you understand your international tax position and stay compliant with your US filings, including the following areas:

Outbound Investments:

  • Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFC’s)
  • Subpart F
  • Export incentives
  • Foreign partnerships
  • Repatriation planning
  • Foreign bank account reporting

Inbound Investments:

  • US branch tax regime
  • Withholding tax
  • Earnings stripping
  • FIRPTA – Foreign investment in real property

Treaty Analysis


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