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Corporate Assignee – International Tax Compliance / Solutions

International Assignee Compliance / Tax Solutions

The final component of the assignment is compliance with all related taxing authorities. Our Atlanta practice has dedicated expatriate and inpatriate tax specialists who can provide significant value added services, should you request it, such as:

  • Research and respond to the assignees on all income tax planning and compliance issues or problems.
  • Research and respond to the assignees on all international compensation related issues or problems.
  • Provide U.S. “Entrance, Exit, and Repatriation Interviews” from the tax perspective.
  • Prepare tax equalization and/or tax reconciliation calculations.
  • Prepare U.S. individual tax returns.
  • Coordinate the preparation of Non-U.S. individual tax returns.
  • Resolve tax deficiency notices.

Additionally, since our rates are comparable to most local tax firms, your assignees could take comfort in employing our international expertise at reasonable rates.

Chuck Heyde leads our tax group and has approximately 10 years experience in helping companies address their needs in this area.

For a more detailed description of what these services entail, please contact Chuck Heyde at