Here is what our clients say about us:

“In the year leading up to engaging GEMMS we paid over $1 million dollars in ‘miscellaneous consulting fees’ to our former vendor. That was for ONE year. We have been working with GEMMS for over 5 years and 4 tax seasons now and still haven’t paid them $1 million in TOTAL fees.”

a steady 30 assignee 8 country client.
“GEMMS provides us a ‘bundled rate’ that includes all the US and Non-US services for a rate that is less than the amount we paid to our former vendor for just one Non-US income tax return.”

a fluctuating 10 to 30 assignee 3 country client.
“I have used Chuck for many years for my international taxes. He always does a great job and makes taxes a painless experience. When I moved back to the US, I thought I would be able to save some money by using [Turbo Tax by] H&R Block. I tried using a service they offered online (for around $100), but after entering half of my information, the system said I would have to go into an office and use an agent. The agent initially estimated my taxes [preparation services] would run around 400. After a painful experience to complete the taxes, I was handed a bill for $650 [well over budget]. The whole operation seemed like a bait and switch to get me in the door and keep charging higher prices. I have gone back to Chuck because he is easy to work with and provides great value.”
Other Client Comments:

“I hope you don’t find our little specialty shop. We would like to keep them for ourselves.”

“I was not expecting this high level of service and a complete one stop shop for all my expat issues for the price we pay.”

Far too often companies insert their own “surveys” that are great for asking clients specific questions but often are not as “true” or “accurate” as one would expect. Therefore, we have asked for recommendations from our clients via several different sites. Please feel free to follow the links below to read the surveys in our client’s own words and even contact the survey providers directly if you so desire.